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How To Unlock The Explorer Class In Remnant 2

The Explorer class is one that you can unlock in Remnant 2. Check out this guide to find out How To Unlock The Explorer Class In Remnant 2. This way you can have a new sub class if you want to try this one out.

How To Unlock The Explorer Class In Remnant 2

So to get the Explorer class you will have to beat the game. The last boss is hard, but you get a Broken Compass for beating it. Once you have that, return to Ward 13 and then head up the crane to the psychic guy.

If you have enough materials, you can make the new class Explorer. Once you unlock it you can start as it when you make new characters as well. The main buff for the explorer is that you have a higher chance to get rare items then the other classes. It isn’t a huge boost, but for farming it is good. You also get increased movement speed, which also helps with farming. It’s not bad for a bonus class, but nothing special either.

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