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Destroy The Ritual Circle Or Forge The Lantern In Baldur’s Gate 3

If you find the secret bookcase entrance in Balthazar’s room, there is a choice to make. This guide on Destroy The Ritual Circle Or Forge The Lantern In Baldur’s Gate 3 will break down the two different choices you can make and explain what happens after you make each choice.

At this point in the story, you have already learned Gale’s role in what’s to come. He’s to sacrifice himself to earn the forgiveness of his god and former lover. As such, whether or not he has her favor seems pointless at this moment in time. However, you are still given three different paths to choose here.

Whatever path you choose, if you want to create the lantern, you must combine a Broken Moonlantern and a Dead Pixie. It MUST be the Broken Moonlantern next to the bench, it cannot be one from anywhere else.

Destroy The Ritual Circle Or Forge The Lantern In Baldur’s Gate 3

If You Choose Forge The Lantern
If you choose to Forge the Shadow Lantern with Gale, he will not need to complete the DC 30 skill check. You get to keep the lantern which comes with a summon spirit spell. You will not get the boon from Mystra later in the game.

If You Choose Destroy The Ritual Circle
If you destroy it, you feel a reassuring touch of Mystra on your shoulder. If you get Gale to destroy the circle, he destroys it. Nothing else is said. A short while later in the game during a conversation with Gale, he will note Mystra’s presence and you will get a boon that gives advantage on Concentration checks. This will either be for Gale or for you, whoever destroys the circle.

If You Attempt To Use The Ritual Circle Yourself
If you attempt to do this yourself you will need a DC 30 difficulty class check. This means you need to roll 30 on an Arcana Check, or a critical success on a flat 20.

Destroy The Ritual Circle Or Forge The Lantern In Baldur’s Gate 3 Video Guide

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