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Where To Find DLC Outfits In Shining Resonance Refrain

Where To Find DLC Outfits In Shining Resonance Refrain
Want to change outfits to DLC unlockables like the Idol outfits or swimsuits? This guide will tell you Where To Find DLC Outfits In Shining Resonance Refrain so you can enjoy the special outfits that came with the Japanese DLC, for free.

Although they are considered DLC items in the original release of Shining Resonance, the Western release of Shining Resonance Refrain includes all of the DLC from the Japanese version of the game as standard, meaning you don’t have to make any additional purchases to unlock a variety of different costumes for each of the characters in your party.

Where To Find DLC Outfits In Shining Resonance Refrain

Progress through the story until you reach the Downtown area of the capitol. From here you are able to navigate through the games various menus for the first time. Once you are in Downtown, open the main menu with Start/Options. From there navigate to the items menu. Here you will have an itinerary of your inventory, divided into different categories.

Using R1/RB L1/LB, you can navigate between the different tabs selecting Consumables, Materials, Aspects, Sigils and Key Items. You want to navigate to the very last tab, Key Items. Here you will find a collection of different outfits. Simply use the item to change the characters appearance to the appropriate outfit.

Below is a list of outfits available at the start of the game.

Kirika’s Outfits

  • Kirika Priestess
  • Kirika Swimsuit
  • Kirika Swimsuit 2
  • Kirika Swimsuit 3
  • Kirika Uniform
  • Kirika Maid
  • Kirika Idol
  • Kirika Special
  • Kirika Black Lotus 1
  • Kirika Black Lotus 2
  • Kirika Crimson Lotus 1
  • Kirika Crimson Lotus 2
  • Sonia’s Outfits

  • Sonia Armor
  • Sonia Swimsuit
  • Sonia Swimsuit 2
  • Sonia Swimsuit 3
  • Sonia Swimsuit 4
  • Sonia Swimsuit 5
  • Sonia Uniform
  • Sonia Maid
  • Sonia Idol
  • Yuma’s Outfits

  • Yuma Regular
  • Yuma Idol

That’s everything you need to know for Where To Find DLC Outfits In Shining Resonance Refrain.

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