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Remnant 2 Lost Temple Water Harp Puzzle Guide

One of the puzzles in Remnant 2 is called the Water Harp and it is located in The Lost Temple. Check out this Remnant 2 Lost Temple Water Harp Puzzle Guide to get it done without having any musical knowledge. This way you can actually beat the main story mission.

Remnant 2 Lost Temple Water Harp Puzzle Guide

First thing you need to know is that you can’t use the Harp properly without going all the way around. There is a second part to the machine that needs to be activated first. It also leads to the shortcut doors that you can’t get through yet.

part 2

When that part is activated you can then figure out the puzzle. Head to the machine and we can start. Instead of using symbols we will go left to right, with the left most being 1 and the right most being 5.

You need to pull the pegs out in the right order. Start with number five and pull that peg. From there you need to skip a line (pulling nothing) and on the third line pull the 4th peg. Now skip another line and pull the 3rd peg, next line is the fourth peg, next line is the first peg. The last line is empty and needs nothing.

So in order it goes –
5th peg
fourth peg
third peg
fourth peg
1st peg

We also have a video to help you out.

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