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How To Clear The Rubble And Save The True Soul In Baldur’s Gate 3

During your time in the Underdark you will come across some Deep Gnomes and Duergar trying to clear out a cave in. There is a True Soul trapped behind it and they need your help. Check out this guide to find How To Clear The Rubble And Save The True Soul In Baldur’s Gate 3. This way you can move on with the mission.

Take the Vial Of Smoke Powder Or Attack In Baldur’s Gate 3

Alright so busting through that rubble is no easy task. First chat with the gnome, hopefully you hear them talking about Smoke Powder. If not you can maybe see some other Gnomes through the True Soul’s eye and convince them Gnomes that way. If none of that works, you’ll have to risk it without the Gnomes help.

Head back down to where you came in at (the area with the ship) and there are two doors you can go through on the other side. Inside one of them you will find what looks to be a feasting hall. At the end of that room there is a button to reveal a hidden door. Follow that path around and you’ll fight some slimes, so be ready.

Kill them and keep going up, jumping the gap and following the torch up further. You’ll hit another door, unlock it and inside you’ll find the Gnome with the Smoke Powder. Convince her to stand down and she will offer you one vial if she can leave. Take the offer, because if not she blows herself up and you along with it.

Return to the rubble, toss the Smoke Powder onto the pile, wait for the people to clear out, then hit it with fire. From there you have a choice to make. After the True Soul kicked my Gnome homie into the lava it was war for me.

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