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Where To Farm Hearty Radish In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Hearty Foods offer Link a huge advantage in combat with tons of additional health. In this guide on Where To Farm Hearty Radish In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom we’ll explain a little-known feature that you can unlock that will allow you to farm the likes of Hearty Radishes on a regular, frequent basis.

Hearty Foods come in different types. Meats, Fish, Vegetables, but they all have the same effect. Once cooked, and you only need to cook a single Hearty Food for this effect to work, it will fully heal you and add at a minimum +2 additional temporary hearts. You get a further +2 temporary hearts for each additional Hearty Food you cook at the same time. They are quite rare so we don’t recommend wasting too many on a single meal.

Where To Farm Hearty Radish In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

You need to unlock the farming feature, which is unlocked after completing some lessons at the school. Check the video above for more details. Once you unlock the school you also gain access to a field. You can plant various crops in this field.

You only ever need to plant one seed. So if you plant a Hearty Radish, two Hearty Radish will grow after a short time. Once those are picked, two more will grow. They will continue to grow until you plant a seed of a different type.

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