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How To Use The Balloons & Flying Droids In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Scattered throughout the game are these hovering droids that litter the skies above. In this guide on How To Use The Balloons & Flying Droids In Star Wars Jedi Survivor we’ll explain how these droids work and what you need to do in order to use them to reach new areas and new rewards.

There are two types of droids that you will see in the sky, or devices. One looks like a large, orange balloon, the other is like a very small copter-type construction. Either way, they both operate under the same principles. They are used as additional grapple points for Cal’s grappling hook. Navigating the skies using these robots unlocks new areas and locations to explore.

How To Use The Balloons & Flying Droids In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Before you are able to use these balloons and constructions, you need to follow the main story. I don’t want to spoil details but once you reach the location where you are fighting in the clouds, you are not far off. You will know when you have unlocked the ability as it’s part of the story and it cannot be missed. You will get an on-screen notification telling you that Cal’s grappling hook has been upgraded and you can now use it to launch off floating droids.

You use L2/LT (whatever the force pull button is for you) while aiming at the flying droid to attach to it. Then, make sure you are holding the button the entire time, you will be pulled toward the droid. You then have several seconds while you are attached to the droid to choose a direction. After a short period of time or when you let go of the L2/LT button, Cal will fly off in that direction. Using this method allows you to chain multiple jumps to reach new areas.

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