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Diablo IV Aspects Guide

Where To Find Aspects, How To Use Them, Everything You Need To Know

Aspects are among the strongest and most exciting ways to customize and improve your character build. In this Diablo IV Aspects Guide, we cover everything from the different methods of finding and obtaining Aspects to equipping them and improving your character build.

In this Aspects Guide for Diablo 4 we aim to explain every aspect (see what I did there?) of the system so you can leave knowing everything you need to know about Aspects. They are such an exciting and vital part of making your character stronger, so it’s vital to understand how they work.

What Are Aspects In Diablo IV

An image explaining what aspects are and how you can use them in Diablo 4
Aspects are unique abilities and upgrades that can be added to weapons, armor, and jewelry. Each Aspect offers a passive benefit to your character. A passive ability is one that is applied automatically and/or is always active, depending on the buff applied by the Aspect.

You can open the main menu and navigate to the “Collections” tab and then select “Codex of Power”. This will bring up the entire list of every Aspect in the game for every class. You can further improve the search by selecting the “Show My Class Only” option at the bottom of the screen, which is L3 for Xbox and PlayStation. When you are navigating through the Aspects in this menu you can see the Aspects effect, what items it can attach to, and where you can find it.

Where To Find Aspects In Diablo IV

An image showing the two different methods of getting new aspects in Diablo 4
There are two main methods of obtaining Aspects, as shown in the image above. To the left is the ability to Extract Aspects from legendary equipment you have discovered on your adventure. Visit an Occultist in any major town to Extract Aspects. You can quickly and easily return to the last major hub you visited by using the quick fast travel option, down on the d-pad for PlayStation and Xbox.

When you want to Extract an Aspect, the item must meet two requirements. Firstly, it has to be a Legendary rarity item or higher, it does not work on Rare items. Secondly, the weapons, armor, or accessory must have an active Aspect on it. You can check this by inspecting the item and seeing if there is a description of an Aspect marked by a yellow star icon on the item. The effect will be in orange text if it is active.

The next method of obtaining Aspects is to complete Dungeons. These are marked on the map by gate icons and will have a small chest icon to show whether or not there is a reward available in the dungeon or if you have cleared it previously. If you highlight the Dungeon icon on the map, it will tell you what Aspect is available, including the effect of the Aspect and what class is able to use it.

It is worth noting that Aspect’s from Dungeons are permanently unlocked for every character on that Realm. Whereas the Aspects that you extract from weapons becomes items, and follow item rules. They are stored in your inventory and are consumed on use. This then causes the Aspect to be “imprinted” on the item. It works the same as a normal aspect except you are unable to extract it a second time.

How To Use & Equip Aspects In Diablo IV

A map showing How To Use & Equip Aspects In Diablo IV
If you have an item with an Aspect on it, it is equipped automatically. Just inspect the item and check if the star icon text is orange. If it is, it’s active. If it’s not orange it means that too many of that Aspect are active at once, the effects do not stack.

If you want to equip an Aspect, there are two ways to do it. If the Aspect is from a Dungeon, you need to visit the Occultist in any town and choose the Imprint Aspect option. You then select what item you want to equip the Aspect to before selecting the “Codex of Power” option below. This will then allow you to choose one of your permanently unlocked Aspects to apply to a piece of equipment. If the Aspect is one you have Extracted from a piece of gear, it becomes an item. You need to select the “Aspect From Inventory” option instead, and then choose the Aspect from your inventory slots.

That’s everything you need to know about Aspects in Diablo IV. If you have any questions, post a comment below.

Aspects are among the strongest and most exciting ways to customize and improve your character build. In this Diablo IV Aspects Guide, we cover everything from the different methods of finding and obtaining Aspects to equipping them and improving your character build.
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